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Spanish Cardboard Mill purchases Sonica

Spanish Cardboard Mill purchases Sonica

Spanish cardboard mill Union Industrial Pappelera S.A. has acquired on-line air content analyser Sonica from Savcor. The system will be installed and running in early of August.

UIPSA (Unión Industrial Papelera S.A) is a paper mill which produces packaging paper from recycled paper. The annual production is around 200.000 Tm of packaging papers (Fluting , Kraft and Test liner of  grades from 105 to 200 g/m2). To use recycled paper as raw material involves that, there is an amount of reject, containing a lot of plastics and others impurities.

Savcors Sonica uses ultrasound scattering to identify the quantity and quality of entrained air in the stock and transmits the collected data to the process control units for further actions. The system increases accuracy of collected data, gives higher profile control and decreases overall consumption of defoamer chemicals.

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.