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Sachtleben Pigments Oy ordered Wedge

Sachtleben Pigments Oy ordered Wedge

Sachtleben Pigments Oy, located in Pori, Finland, has purchased a Wedge system. Sachtleben Pigments Oy produces titanium dioxide used e.g. in cosmetics, paints, lacquers and printing inks for packages.

With Wedge Sachtleben Pigments Oy will be able to review and analyze production data collected from a long period of time. The data obtained with Wedge will give the customer wide range of information based on which the customer is able to further develop and optimize its processes for improved productivity and profitability.

Rehabilitation of Ruseløkkveien Parking House in Oslo, Norway

Storebrand Eiendom and municipality of Oslo decided to invest ~320 million Norwegian crones to renovate and modernize Vika Terassen shopping area in the heart of Oslo, Norway. The main contractor of the whole project is Skanska Norge and Savcor will be responsible for concrete rehabilitation works with Entreprenørservice AS.

Savcor’s main responsibility is to design and deliver cathodic protection system to the parking house located at Ruseløkkveien. The main goal is to strengthen the structure and extend the lifetime of the building. The project has already been started and it is expected to be ready in summer 2016.

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.