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Savcor Forest Oy is now Savcor Oy

Savcor Forest Oy is now Savcor Oy

Savcor Forest Oy (business ID 0347216-9) has changed the company’s name to Savcor Oy.

Savcor has served the forest and process industry for more than 30 years. Since we have always been known as Savcor among our customers we have now officially changed the company’s name to Savcor Oy. The business identity number remains the same and no other restructuring will be done in the company’s operations or organization in relation to the name change.

AMCEL Purchased SAVCOR ZENITH System to Manage its Eucalyptus Forests in Brazil

AMCEL – Amapá Florestal e Celulose S.A. (Japanese owned company) has purchased SAVCOR ZENITH Forest Management Information System to improve the efficiency of its forestry operations and business transparency for the share-holders.

AMCEL is as one of the major eucalyptus plantation companies in Brazil and has a total area of 130.000 ha aimed to chips production for the international market.

The contract covers the implementation of solutions for the Forest Assets (with advanced GIS forest specialized support tools), planning and control of the forest operations. AMCEL has chosen SAVCOR ZENITH for the management of its forest operations due to the high levels of technology and forest expertise, which are the core of ZENITH.

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.