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Koskitukki acquired Savcor Zenith

Koskitukki acquired Savcor Zenith

Koskisen’s wood procurement company Koskitukki Oy renews the core information system of its operations and has chosen Savcor to supply the system. Savcor delivers Zenith, the next generation raw material procurement system to Koskitukki to manage all procurement of wood and bioenergy raw materials at Koskisen.

In the forest business raw material procurement and its management is changing. New standards, integration interfaces and efficiency requirements will change the operating environment significantly. Savcor has wide experience and know-how in the field of raw material procurement and has delivered ERP systems to the world’s leading forest enterprises not only in Finland but also in Middle Europe and South America. By utilizing its thorough industry knowledge and experience as well as by using the latest technologies Savcor launches Zenith to meet the changing needs within the industry. Mikko Kerkelä, Vice President, Forest Systems, tells that Savcor develops a next generation system in close cooperation with its customers. Savcor will provide its customers with a tool that will improve management and efficiency of raw material procurement remarkably and takes it to a whole new level.

At the beginning of 2015 Koskitukki decided to renew its raw material procurement system. The company evaluated thoroughly its needs and development requirements for a new system. Further, in pursuance to the company’s values Koskitukki looked for a reliable and innovative partner who is capable of adapting the requirements of the changing business environment in the development of a new system. After a long procurement process Koskitukki chose Savcor Zenith.

– Savcor’s thorough industry knowledge and many references as well as their vision of how raw material procurement will change in the future convinced us. We chose Savcor to supply the system and we believe the new system we develop in cooperation will improve the efficiency of Koskitukki’s raw material procurement remarkably, tells Jussi Joensuu, Chief Forester, Koskitukki Oy.

Metsähallitus honorary silver medal awarded to Mikko Kerkelä, Savcor Oy

Metsähallitus awarded Mikko Kerkelä, Vice President, Forest Systems, an honorary silver medal for his valuable work for Metsähallitus. Cooperation between Metsähallitus and Savcor has been ongoing for more than 20 years. Mikko Kerkelä has been responsible for the cooperation and he has had a major role in development done in several projects as well as in project management in general.

Currently Metsähallitus and Savcor are running the Ohjas project. The project’s main goal is to develop a system to run and strengthen the customer’s forestry business operations. Ohjas includes functions to plan, operate and report processes in wood trade, harvesting, bioenergy and silviculture. Operative financial transactions are also covered by Ohjas. The Ohjas system is expected to be fully operational during the spring 2016.

Savcor Wedge to a new continent

Savcor has sold its first Wedge Process Diagnostics System in Australia. A full-site Wedge has been delivered to a company providing paper and cardboard recycling services. Implementation and training is now going on and the system will be fully operational by the autumn 2015.

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.