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Lunawood expands and continues work with Savcor

Lunawood expands and continues work with Savcor

ThermoWood producer Lunawood acquired the entire ThermoWood business of Metsä Wood, located in Kaskinen. The company also continues successful co-operation with Savcor and expands the use of Savcor ERP –system in Kaskinen also.

“Savcor team understands our business and technical elements of the ThermoWood production. We assess our functions quarterly and adjust the functions. For that we need a tailor-made system which Savcor can provide” says Lunawood Chief Executive Officer Arto Halonen.

As a result of this business purchase Lunawoods’s annual ThermoWood production capacity will increase from 81 000 m³ to 105 000 m³. The combined annual turnover of Oy Lunawood Ltd and the Metsä Wood ThermoWood business will be around 40 million euros in 2016 and the company will employ a total of 83 people. The majority of the company’s production is exported to Europe, Asia and US.

Versowood enhances warehouse management with Savcor MekaMAP

Versowood looks to improves warehouse functions at its production plants in Otava, Riihimäki and Vierumäki. The company expands Savcor MekaMAP application to the full use in every Versowood`s sawmill locations. The production unit in Hankasalmi is already using the application. MekaMAP is a graphical warehouse management system which increases efficiency and helps with the management of the package warehouse, drying kiln and stack package area. The MekaMAP application is used at the forklifts and also in the production process. The projects starts immediately and will continue until spring 2017.

Versowood Group Oy is Finland’s largest private producer of sawn timber. The combined capacity of production, concentrated in Hankasalmi, Otava, Riihimäki and Vierumäki is 1 200 000 cubic meters.Of the total production, about 40 percent is pine and 60 percent is spruce.




We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.