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Kabel Premium chooses Zenith CE

Kabel Premium chooses Zenith CE

Offset Printing machine roll paper detailKabel Premium in Germany has acquired Savcor Zenith CE to optimize their roundwood purchasing software and to ensure the raw material supply of the factory. Zenith CE can serve timber purchasing solution, timber trading solution as well as a solution of forestry production.

Kabel Premium Pulp and Paper is a producer of high-quality paper. The paper production is based on fresh fibre.The roundwood supply to the factory comes mainly from local forest in Germany and the Netherlands.

The Zenith CE will be in use early in January 2017. The company recognized the power and flexibility of the Zenith CE technology such as integrated Pivot Tables for analysis. With the Kabel reference Zenith CE covers all aspects of the Roundwood marked in Central Europe.


Elomatic takes Savcor Wedge into use for data analysis

Elomatic’s FORMIOT data analysis service assists customers to optimize the profitability and competiveness of production lines and equipment. In order to process this information Elomatic has acquired the Savcor Wedge process diagnostics tool. It can efficiently process massive amounts of data from different sources. Wedge can be used, for example, to analyse factors that affect the cost efficiency, energy efficiency or material efficiency of production lines or equipment and diagnose the root cause of malfunctions or problems.

Elomatic engineering and consulting professionals serves their customers on a global basis. They have offices in Finland, Poland, India, China, the Netherlands, Italy, Serbia, Russia and the UAE. Key customer segments are biotech and pharmaceuticals, energy, machinery and equipment manufacturing, marine & offshorem oil & gas, process industries (Food, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Biomass Processing) and, starch and potato processing.


We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.