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Social responsibility

We are continually exploring ways to minimize Trimble’s environmental impact by increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste, and complying with environmental policies and regulations around the globe.

At our corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California we use MetricStream software to measure our carbon footprint. In Westminster, CO, we built a 125,000 square foot office that is LEED Certified Gold, including the use of environmentally responsible building materials, an internal recycling and composting program, plumbing that saves 40% more water than a conventional building, and preferred parking for low-emission and fuel efficient vehicles. In the near future, all Trimble offices of 100 or more employees will be equipped with emissions data collection capabilities for measuring consumption of electricity, natural gas, diesel, and water.

Trimble foundation

The Trimble Foundation To support Trimble’s RCC and philanthropic efforts, we have established the Trimble Foundation, which supports both corporate donations and volunteer activities on a global scale.

Trimble is concentrating support in two main areas—disaster relief and female education and empowerment. The Trimble Foundation supports offices and divisions of 50 or more employees in allocating time and resources to support causes important to customers and employees. The Trimble Foundation uses a formal process to determine how resources are allocated to effectively address some of the world’s most important challenges.

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.