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Westas  to improve warehouse management and delivery with MekaMAP

Westas Group has placed an order for the MekaMAP warehouse management system from Savcor a Trimble company. Target is to further enhance management of the stock yard and deliveries at both Koski and Pihlava sawmills. Production volume has grown rapidly in both sawmills. The project starts before summer and will be completed in October 2018.


Westas Group, operating in western Finland, is one of the country’s largest private wood processing companies. It produces 450 000 cubic meters sawn timber annually in two sawmills. Nearly 85 percent of the production is exported.



Paroc extending the use of Wedge

Paroc are extending the use of Wedge to cover technical insulates manufacturing line at Hällekis, Sweden Plant.

The insulation producer Paroc has invested in production efficiency by ensuring rapid process performance improvement with the help of Savcor Wedge Process Diagnostics System. The cooperation between Paroc and Savcor began already in 2012.

Paroc products include building insulations for thermal, fire and sound insulation of exterior walls, roofs, floors, basements, intermediate floors and partitions as well as technical insulations for HVAC systems, industrial processes, marine and offshore industry and OEM industry.


Valueforce brings added edge for cutting wood

Savcor Oy`s new ValueForce service supports decision-making by providing increasingly accurate measurement data on forest cutting options and opportunities while taking quality into account. The information provided by ValueForce offers added value and opportunities for the planning and control processes of forest industry operators and for the daily decision-making in resource planning.

Read more about the features from our latest article:


Delfort Tervakoski paper mill in Finland gets Wedge

Founded in 1818, Tervakoski specialty paper mill is the oldest paper mill in operation in Finland today. Tervakoski is part of Delfort Group since 1999. The mill has five paper machines with more than 100 000 ton annual capacity of customized paper grades. In addition to super thin printing papers, they produce tobacco-related paper, release base paper, electrical insulation paper and other highly specialized grades.

The delivery is the third roll-out of the five mill corporate Wedge™ frame agreement between Delfort and Savcor. The delivery is scheduled to be completed by year end.



We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.