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Customer Magazine 1/2018

Trimble delivers Connected Forest

The Trimble CONNECTED FOREST brings meaning to the flood of information allowing greater connectivity across the organization and real time visibility to the lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transport and processing.

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Planning of a timber package begins in the forest

Westas Group operates on the principle that all of its activities are planned in advance and each order for wood to be cut is accurate in terms of the timber type and quantity required. The company has expertise in sawing timber in special lengths and dimensions and in performing challenging drying processes.

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LogForce adds efficiency to timber transportation

For haulage contractors, planning timber- transportation operations is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. At the Hyvinkää-based transportation company Nousiainen, efficient planning operations are guaranteed with Trimble’s software service LogForce, which makes sure that goods are always in the right place, at the right time.

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Beneath the harvester’s efficient surface hides a smart heart

Within a modern harvester that can be seen hard at work in a forest with a harvesting head and a crane hides a quieter power: an advanced computer and 4G technology. With Trimble Forestry’s WoodForce application, a harvesting company can prepare work-site plans at the level of forests, coupes, and smaller areas and can distribute this plan and work-site-specific instructions to the machines and workers.

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Forest planning, one tree at a time

Helsinki’s Central Park basks in beautiful sunshine, and Timo Virtanen, the city’s forest manager, is enjoying an opportunity to get out of his office and into the forest. With him, he has a handheld PC, which he uses to access the forest planning tool SilvaPRO.

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Customer Magazine 2/2017

ValueForce brings an added edge for cutting wood

The new service was introduced at the sawmill-focused customer event in Mikkeli. The ValueForce service supports decision-making by providing increasingly accurate measurement data on cutting options and opportunities while taking quality into account.

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Digitalization of steel production in Tornio

Steel manufacturer Outokumpu is advancing the digitalization of production at its research center in Tornio, Finland. The objective is to support production and incorporate excellent quality with the production parameters. Researchers and development engineers at the Tornio steel mill use the Wedge process diagnostics tool in their work.

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Greater predictability in production control

Controlled, high-quality production that is handled cost-effectively. This is the objective Luvia Wood pursues on a daily basis. For effective functioning of the company’s wood procurement, considerable sawn timber production, and refined product operations, a well-integrated and seamless system is needed. Savcor has been Luvia’s information system partner for many years now.

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Sharing development suggestions and experiences

In September, users of the process diagnostics tool gathered in Suomenlinna to share their experiences. The event, organized by Savcor, has become a tradition, bringing together representatives of a wide variety of industries with one thing in common: the Wedge tool developed by Savcor.

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Steam, vapor, and premium quality from barley spikes

In Finland, the name “Altia” is usually associated with alcoholic beverages, particularly Koskenkorva vodka. However, distilled grain spirits form only one arm of this company’s wide range of products: the same production plant is responsible also for starches, raw material for animal feed, carbon dioxide, steam, and barley ash. The Wedge process diagnostics tool is now part of this facility’s complex production process.

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Customer Magazine 1/2017

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ERP for smooth flows between sales and production

The success of Lunawood Oy, a manufacturer of thermowood, has its roots literally in forests, referred to as the green gold of Finland. The company is growing rapidly, and its sales and production-planning processes rely on solid functioning of the information systems provided by Savcor. Production-planning and sales personnel communicate with each other constantly, and their results are evaluated every quarter.

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Modern paper making with Wedge

Orora´s Botany Mill modernized their paper making process five years ago in Australia. Three 1960`s vintage paper machines were replaced by the B9 paper machine, the most sophisticated machine of its type in the southern hemisphere. The mass of information from the new production line was huge so Orora got process diagnostic tool Wedge to keep them up the path of development.

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Wedge sifts through volumes of data for the right tips

Every production process is unique. Optimizing production and identifying the factors that affect a process’s efficiency require a good diagnostics and analytics tool. CABB Oy, in Kokkola, uses the Wedge process diagnostics tool to solve problems and improve production.

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A bright future ahead with Trimble

Trimble acquired Savcor Oy to gain growth and market presence in Europe, South-America and in heavy process industries globally. The acquisition included Savcor Forestry and Process Analytics businesses.

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Wärtsilä takes Wedge from land to the high seas

Digitalization offers a new perspective for the maintenance of ships, ferries, and power plants at Wärtsilä. A leading provider of lifecycle solutions for this market, Wärtsilä trusts in Savcor’s diagnostics tool Wedge as it refines operations and takes them to the next level.

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Customer Magazine 2/2016

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More precise production planning at sawmills

Application development and customization of the software products for customer needs received special attention from appreciative participants in the national Sawmill Industry Days event held in the Aulanko district, Hämeenlinna, in early October. Operations at Savcor’s customer sawmills have been considerably enhanced by promotion of production planning in sawmill operations, introduction of per-piece reporting based on camera data at sawmills, and development of graphical inventory management.

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New Savcor specialists

Savcor’s Forest Systems team grew by six new specialists this fall. The team’s goal is to develop the Zenith raw-material management system and also bucking control and per-piece reporting.

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Electronic warehouse management from the cab of a forklift

Personnel at the Koskisen lumberyard and production plants always know exactly where packages are located. The electronic warehouse-map application MekaMAP, deployed at the
Koskisen sites in October, ensures that everything is easy to manage and locate, even when production volumes are at their highest.

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Batch comparisons for higher quality

Through more rapid access to big data arriving via an increasing number of channels, Wedge 8.2, the latest version of Savcor’s process diagnostics tool, helps to detect problems and arrive at the highest of quality.

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Weighing benefits and experiences at the Wedge user event

A user event held on Suomenlinna brought more than 40 experts, from over 20 of Savcor’s customer companies, together to learn about the renewed Wedge-process diagnostics tool and to meet other users of the application. The itinerary included accounts of Wedge user experience and the benefits created by the tool.

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Precise data on railroad bridge stress through monitoring

Savcor is implementing an important pilot project in the structural monitoring of railroad bridges. The Finnish Transport agency has selected VR Track Oy to supply the monitoring solution for the bridge over North Karelia’s Syrjäsalmi sound. VR Track Oy is the principal designer of the monitoring solution, while Savcor Oy is in charge of its practical implementation.

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Customer Magazine 2016

Effective flow of production for wood at Pölkky

A good ERP system is the heart of a sawmill. For timber to move from the forest to the sawmill, warehouse and onward to the customer in a seamless manner, information systems must be up to date. Pölkky Oy has relied on Savcor’s expertise for more than 20 years.

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Aiming for optimal efficiency

Comprehensive production efficiency and customer benefits is the idea behind the Overall Production Efficiency (OPE) service provided by ANDRITZ, a global leader in providing technology and services for the pulp and paper industry. Intensive dialogue with customers, and a focus on the overall results are key, whether the matter at hand is small tweaks to the process or significant enhancements to the customer’s equipment. Savcor’s process diagnosis tool, Wedge, assists in this dialogue.

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The Oslo harbor´s structures are protected against corrosion

A large cruise ship glides into Oslo Harbour and docks. The harbor’s concrete structures are being equipped with efficient cathodic protection, which prevents corrosion caused by the salt in seawater. Savcor’s Project Manager Mikko Neuvonen recognizes that a busy harbor makes a challenging work location, and he is also aware of the amount of manual work required in the construction of effective corrosion-protection.

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Klenk Holz AG, TTW and Savcor streamline the ERP environment

TTW Waldpflege GmbH, the forest arm of Klenk Holz AG, reduced the number of interfaces significantly and optimized the distribution of the interfaces in their ERP environment. The number of expert systems was reduced and now it is only Savcor Zenith™CE that submits reports to SAP.

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A major step toward more organized operations

The sawmill industry of the Åland Islands will be taking a giant step this summer. In connection with a merger between two significant operators, the sawmills’ enterprise resource planning will undergo development and a more efficient models of operation will be created for the production units in Önningeby and Godby. This work will be carried out in collaboration with Savcor’s experts.

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Forest ERP is the shepherd of sustainability

Forest Management in Central Europe is based on natural forests. The income of the forest cluster does have an important impact on the national economy, especially in Germany. When sustainability is a target of the forest company, there is no better system than Savcor´s Zenith™CE.

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Customer Magazine 2015

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Smart bridge monitoring from Savcor

Savcor has been developing smart monitoring for Finnish bridges already for ten years. As a result of successful development projects, the Finnish Transport Agency ordered a smart structural health monitoring system from Savcor. Central task in the project is to gather data and present it in an easily understandable format.

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Zenith renews the forest information

Savcor has started a comprehensive renewal of the forest raw material acquisition module of its wood product industry ERP system. The new system is called Zenith and it will replace the old MEKA Wood during 2017. Today’s sawmill industry wants to have a better access to forest information

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Savcor is taking part of the developing projects

Savcor is taking part in the projects aiming at the improved production effectiveness of steel industry and bioenergy production as well as better tree cutting optimization. Research and development work has been an important part of Savcor’s operation since the company was established.

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Savcor GMBH succeds in the Central Europe

Savcor GmbH, a German subsidiary of Savcor Oy,is responsible for marketing parent company products in the economic area of Central Europe. The company has also developed Zenith CE, a forest information management system tailored to Central European requirements.

The most important customer groups are forest, solid wood and process industry including paper industry.

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Customer Magazine 2/2014

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Boliden Kokkola acquired Wedge

Boliden Kokkola zinc plant enhanced its processes by purchasing Wedge™ Process Diagnostics System, Process Database and the first year maintenance service from Savcor.

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Statoil trusts Savcor

Savcor, the market leader in electrochemical protection systems, delivered a major concrete rehabilitation project for Aibel AS in Statoil’s Kårstø processing plant in Norway.

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Sawmill industry days

Sawmill Industry Days, organized by the Association of Finnish Sawmillmen were held in Hämeenlinna. The purpose of the event was to introduce the industry’s latest technological applications in workshops and offer the sawmill professionals a forum to discuss timely topics. Savcor Oy participated the event.

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Savcor Wedge improves productivity

Savcor Wedge™ helped to improve the productivity of Propapier’s ultra-modern corrugated board base paper mill PM2 in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany. The project represents a significant technological achievement for Savcor.

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Customer Magazine 1/2014

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Brazilian forest are growing rapidly

The forest industry is booming in Latin America. Thanks to a favorable climate, eucalyptus can be harvested exceptionally quickly for further processing. Savcor Limitida is actively involved in developing forestry information management systems in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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Wedge makes process analysis easy

Yara Suomi Oy, a leading producer of mineral fertilizers, is improving and streamlining its production processes. With the Savcor Wedge process diagnostics tool, the company’s phosphoric acid plant in Siilinjärvi collects valuable information on its processes and identifies any bottlenecks in the production processes without delay.

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Ohjas system to streamline forestry business management

Metsähallitus, a Finnish government enterprise responsible for managing state-owned forests, has acquired an enterprise resource planning system, Ohjas, from Savcor Forest Oy. Ohjas will replace older information systems used by Metsähallitus, thereby bringing forestry operations to a new level.

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A development partner for packaging board

Stora Enso, the world’s largest manufacturer of board and paper, has chosen Savcor as its development partner. Stora Enso uses the process diagnostics tool Wedge and MAF microbial control tools in its R&D and production units at the Imatra Mills.

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Customer Magazine 1/2013

Read full Savcor Forest Customer Magazine 1/2013

Co-operation over 30 Years

Metsä Fibre and Savcor have been partners for a long time. The cooperation started at the Kaskinen pulp mill more than 30 years ago and has continued strongly in different development projects.

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Paroc invests in best practices

A Finnish insulation producer Paroc Group Oy invests in production efficiency by ensuring rapid process performance improvement with the help of Savcor Wedge Process Diagnostics System.

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System scale with your business

Versowood Group as one of the leading Finnish private owned producer and processor of solid wood is a long-term partner of Savcor Forest. Versowood uses the Savcor Meka ERP System. Versowood ́s newest Meka ERP user is A. Jalander ́s pallet factory in Muurla, Finland.

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Safer Water Circulations With Microbial Measurements

Nowadays, water circulations in industrial processes are increasingly vulnerable to microbial challenges. Environmental awareness and economic efficiency imply a tendency towards more closed water circulations, more moderate process temperatures and lower biocide usage.

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Savcor Forest Customer Magazine 2/2012

Savcor Forest Customer Magazine 1/2012

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.