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Forest Information Management

The efficiency and profitability of forestry operations can be remarkably increased by proper optimization and supply chain management. Trimble Forestry delivers solutions that make this as fluent and easy as possible.


Zenith is a modern forestry information management system specially developed for all forestry operations from land acquisition assessment through silviculture, harvesting and logistics to timber receiving at mill gates.

Zenith helps large and small operators both in plantations and forests. With a focus on optimization on several levels, Zenith helps to improve the efficiency and profitability of the forestry operations both in the office and in the forest.


Well suited for all types of forests
Modular functions adjustable to support your business requirements
Integrates seamlessly with corporate systems, such as SAP™ or ORACLE™
Built-in optimization engines for strategic planning and logistics


Ohjas system to streamline forestry business management

We are now Trimble

We are now part of the Trimble Group.