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Students to learn Process Diagnostics with Wedge


South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and Trimble Forestry are starting educational project together. The students learn how to use Process Diagnostics System Wedge and how to analyze different process hick ups.

Jarkko Männynsalo a head of biotechnology studies at XAMK tells that the students of process technology are always exited to use real tools and have real process data from the mill. Simulations are also popular. Process and paper industry has suffered a loss of students due to a poor job propects in the past. Now future looks brighter.

-We have made cooperation with Andritz, they have given us their valuable time teaching about remote accessing in the mill. In those studies we had first encounter with Wedge, says Männynsalo.

For Trimble Forestry the cooperation with XAMK is important. Vice President of Sales Matti Häkkinen says that industry needs new talent.


-We are more than happy to give our time to educate students about Process Diagnostics System. We are going to install Wedge to campus and ask our clients to give some real process data for school assignments.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is a strong implementer of research, development and innovation activities. They cooperate with national companies and organizations, universities and research centers.

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